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"Give Me 28 Days …
and I’ll Help You Get on Track
to Clarity, Balance and True Vitality"


“If you’re fed up with being weighed down, 
the 28-Day Release-a-thon will change your life. I guarantee it!”
~ Clardy Malugen

Dear Friend,

How's 2018 going so far?  It's a bit of a jungle out there, right? :)

Have you noticed that your head is full of negative chatter and beliefs about your future … making you doubt yourself and even sabotage your success?

Are you feeling sluggish, out of shape, or overweight …  tired of not always looking your best?

How about clutter?  Is it clogging the energy of your home and work spaces, making it hard to concentrate?

Maybe you're trying to juggle too many commitments … feeling overwhelmed and resentful that you don’t have enough time to focus on the things you enjoy?

What about those negative people who drag you down … leaving you pessimistic and drained?  Need some new input?

And let's not even mention the media...

I could go on and on. But we’d be here for hours, and frankly – you know exactly what I’m talking about, right?

The truth is: you’re bogged down, stuck – and completely fed up with your own “caca.”

That’s why I’m thrilled you’re here. Because the bottom line (and the really good news) is…

You don’t have to continue to sabotage your success by fighting these old battles and burdens. You can simply release them – and then use your newfound energy to focus on what you really want in life.

All it takes is 28 Days (Really!)

Hi, I’m Clardy Malugen. I’m the author of Let’s Manifest Miracles! and creator of the popular online course, Accessing the Miracle Zone. My entire life has been focused on helping people get clear and get moving into truly miraculous lives…

And a huge part of that process is releasing everything that’s holding you back. (Imagine trying to scale a mountain dressed in full combat gear and dragging a 10-piece set of bulging luggage. Impossible, right? Yes, but that’s what you’re trying to do right now.)

During the 28-Day Release-a-thon, starting June 25, 2018, I’ll lead you through a simple no-nonsense process to clear your energy and your life … and get lighter in every way possible.

Here's what Joni Mamica, a recent participant, had to say:

"This program was more profound than I could ever imagine.The miracles that resulted are many and huge...from financial to emotional to the beautiful transformation of important relationships. Do not underestimate this very, very powerful program. Anyone taking this program will be profoundly blessed. Thank you, Clardy, for who you are and for all you do."

Get 10 Powerful Tools to Help You
Release Everything That’s Not Working

Your enrollment in the Release-a-thon Program includes the following tools to help feel lighter, freer and bursting with energy:


  • The Release-a-thon “Outa Here” Online Platform. This private members-only website is where you’ll access all of your powerful lessons, simple assignments and easy-to-use tools. I’ve broken this proven releasing process into easy-to-follow steps. Simply do each day’s quick assignment (most take less than 10 minutes) … and watch your life transform.
  • Download link to a short introductory video, “Simple Steps to Massive Success with the 28 Day Release-a-thon.” Take a few minutes to watch this video first thing – and discover how to accelerate your momentum throughout the course.
  • Admission Passcode for the opening Webinar. During “The Release-a-thon Kick-off: Get a Powerful Start with the Release-a-thon Program,” I’ll help you hone in on what you’re going to release during our 28-day journey … and give you a powerful jump start to the process.
  • Instant access to a downloadable copy of “Let’s Manifest Miracles!” This delightful read explains the miracle manifestation process in easy-to-understand (and remember!) terms. You’ll discover how the Universe works to fill the “orders” that you’re placing … the only 2 energy states you can be in – and how to control which one you’re in … how to protect your energy in a negative world … the 7 steps to Magnetic Visualization, and much more.
  • “Movin’ & Makin’ Miracles!” mp3. This is the powerful "secret sauce" of the Release-a-thon. You’ll listen to this 20-minute frequency-enhanced audio activation program each day. It’s specifically designed to be listened to while doing some form of exercise (We recommend walking). While your body is moving (releasing stress, tension, toxins and even weight in the process), I’ll be motivating your mind and soul, opening the door for you to release emotional blocks – and revving you up to a higher level.

  • Download link to the “Plugging Into the Light” mp3. This audio meditation program will effortlessly raise your frequency and help you plug into the “Miracle Zone,” where anything is possible. You'll receive both the 20 minute version and the 5 minute version.
  • Access to 4 weekly group coaching calls. Each week, we’ll gather as a group to address any questions that are arising as you release what’s not working in your life. Can’t make it to the live calls? No problem! You’ll get access to a recording of each call (usually within a few minutes of the call ending). 
  • Inspirational updates delivered every day to your mobile phone via text message to keep you focused on releasing everything that’s not working in your life. (When exactly you’ll receive each message is a surprise. But past participants swear that you’ll receive yours exactly when you need them – usually right when you’re starting to go off track!)
  • Free 28-day membership to the private RELEASE-A-THON Facebook group, where you’ll be able to communicate with me and other participants. You'll love connecting with these new friends-for-life, as you support each other and celebrate your success daily! 
  • Two “YES” Bumper Stickers – Concrete reminders of your commitment to your miraculous new life! You’ll find the perfect spot for them.  :)

Love and light,

P.S. You can get started today for as little as $197 down (plus one additional installment of $197 in two weeks). And your satisfaction and results are guaranteed – or you won’t pay. Reserve your place now.

Clardy Malugen, MA, MFA, is a uniquely-gifted spiritual teacher and a master of transdimensional energy frequencies. Her innovative transformational process, beginning with her life-changing book, Let's Manifest Miracles!, leads clients to easily release emotional and physical blocks, as they learn to access and embrace the magnificence within. The results are often miraculous: new careers, loving relationships, renewed health, financial success, and most importantly, true joy--experienced from the inside out. Also considered to be one of today's most gifted master healers, Clardy's unique energy work has astonished scientists and medical professionals while profoundly transforming thousands of lives across the globe.

Here's a report from another grateful participant,
Francine Landry:

"I just want to say a big THANK YOU! I have gotten my mojo back and my relationship with my husband has improved by leaps and bounds. It's so lovely to have my charming husband back!  He has been so much more attentive, complimentary, and just plain fun!"

During the 28-Day Release-a-thon program starting June 25,  I’ll lead you through an
easy-to-follow process of systematically
releasing all of your “caca” so that
you can get lighter in every way.
When you participate, you’ll:

  • Get clear on one important thing that you’d like to manifest in your life—and get moving to consciously create even more miracles!
  • Experience the amazing power of high-frequency energy activations, guaranteed to take your energy to an entirely new level.
  • Develop a healthier, more positive outlook toward food and exercise, as you replace outdated habits with healthy, empowering new thoughts and actions.
  • Watch your confidence and energy level skyrocket (a natural side effect of releasing your way back into your true power!).
  • Look and feel better than you can imagine. Successful participants have let go of the negative people in their lives, the junk in the bottom drawer, and lots more. We’ve even had participants who have released over 10 pounds—in just 28 days! (We don’t promise weight loss, of course--it just seems to happen naturally for many participants during this program!)
  • Enjoy the whole process! The course is simply LOTS of fun. And you'll love all of your new friends from all over the world!

Special "Lean and Mean for 2018" Offer 

It's is a great time to set yourself up to begin a powerful new life that is bursting with energy. 

What better way to give yourself a fresh start for 2018 than to release everything that’s been holding you back – quickly and permanently?
That’s why we’re offering the 28-Day Release-a-thon for a special price…for the group starting in June.
This 28-day intensive is normally $997.
But during this special "Lean and Mean for 2018" promotion, your total investment is only two payments of $197. (Or a single payment of $377.)

Your Next Step

One thing you’ll learn in Let’s Manifest Miracles! e-book is the importance of simply taking the next step. The universe is constantly guiding you toward the dreams you want to manifest. But rarely will you see the full path right up front. Instead, your path will be revealed a step or two at a time.  

If you’ve been guided to this page … it’s a sure sign that your next step is to release the baggage that’s weighing you down and preventing you from living in the Light.
The 28-Day Release-a-thon will help you – I guarantee it. 

To help persuade you to trust your guidance by enrolling in the program today, I'm going to reward your decisive action with a very special gift...

If you enroll by midnight PST on June 22, 2018, You'll get free access to a Miracle Zone Activation Call. I host these powerful calls for an exclusive group of students from around the world. I work with the group's energy field, transmitting a transdimensional energy that blasts through energetic blocks -- and activating your ability to connect with the "Miracle Zone". 

If you're like most participants, you may notice an instantaneous release and expansion after (or even during) the session).  Energized, full of light and laser-focused, you'll find it easier to manifest your #1 goal.

The registration fee for a single Miracle Activation Call is $97.  You'll get to participate in a call for free.

The "Priceless" Transformation

Think for a minute about everything that’s weighing you down … clutter, extra weight, toxic relationships, even your own self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors.
And think about the physical, mental and emotional tolls these anchors are taking on your health, peace of mind and energy.
What would it be worth to you to make those obstacles disappear – poof – in the next 28 days?
If you’re like most people I work with, the answer is “Priceless.” Because trying to move through life dragging these burdens is downright exhausting.
So now you have a choice to make.
You could choose to stay stuck where you are … perpetually frustrated by not being able to reach your goals and feeling utterly drained by life.
You could choose to spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars taking seminars, buying books, and hiring coaches, consultants and therapists to sort through and tackle each challenge one by one.
Or you could choose to join me and a cool group of Release-a-thoners to master the fastest, easiest, most joyful way of clearing your path – by simply releasing all that’s holding you back.
When you consider that your life could be transformed within just 28 days, your small investment of just $377, could truly be the best money you’ve ever spent!

Here's what Patty Pauletto from Oceanside, CA
had to say about her experience with Clardy's work: 

"The 28-Day Release-a-thon has not only helped me release physical clutter at home and in my work space, but more importantly it helped me release old patterns and beliefs that were keeping me stuck. It was amazingly quick and easy.

I studied the Law of Attraction for years, along with a lot of other alternative methods to healing emotionally and physically but none of them came close to what Clardy does. Her work goes far beyond all of that.

If you are serious and want to change your life in a BIG way (financially, emotionally, physically, mentally), if you are ready to wake up and see your old unconscious behaviors and patterns that keep you stuck and unhappy, AND get first class help to move beyond what is blocking you from your magnificence, connect with Clardy. She is the most loving, most generous and supportive, most gifted vibrational energy healer/coach/teacher that I have ever experienced. I am so grateful to her because now I know how magnificent I really am. Be prepared though...MIRACLES WILL HAPPEN.

Plus, Your Delight and Results are Guaranteed -- 
Or Your Money Back

I am so confident that the 28-Day Release-a-thon will give you clarity, restore balance and unleash your energy, that I’m willing to offer this 100% satisfaction guarantee… 

Enjoy all of the tools and goodies in Welcome Module. Participate in the Kick-off Webinar. Talk with me and meet your new friends during the Kick-Off and on the Secret Facebook Page. If you decide, for any reason, that the 28 Day Release-a-thon isn’t for you, just email us before starting Week One, and we’ll quickly issue a full refund – no problems and no questions asked. And please keep the book as my gift to you!


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Say YES to Freedom and Magnificence

Join me for the 28-Day Release-a-Thon starting June 25 … and your life will be unrecognizable a month later.
All the things that are keeping you from living the life you want – clutter, overwhelm, draining relationships, extra weight, self-limiting beliefs, you name it – can be released … never to bother you again.
All you have to do is decide to do it.
If you’re ready to get clear on what you really want to achieve, attract and create in this lifetime…
If you’re ready to move past the chaos, overwhelm, upset and exhaustion you’re experiencing on a daily basis…
If you’re ready to say “ENOUGH” to all of your crap and the things that aren’t working in your life…
Join me for the 28-Day Release-a-thon.
Then prepare to be amazed by the miracles that appear..